The Events

Teen Street Skills: Awareness Behind The Wheel kicks off the 2018 event year with programs in late June. We will be offering sessions at our proving ground in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Join us as we learn techniques to become safer drivers, including evasive lane changing, emergency braking, and skid control, to name a few. The program takes place at our proving ground located at 2240 17th St., Detroit, MI 48216.

While some events are run privately for local schools, municipalities, and corporations, many of the programs are open to the public. Please contact us if you or your child has an interest in participating in a Teen Street Skills program near you.

Please follow one of the sign-up links below to enroll in a Teen Street Skills program. You may also wish to review the FAQs listed below the sign-up links. If an event date is red, that means enrollment is full. Dates with a lock indicate the enrollment period has not yet opened.

Jun. 20, 2018 Jun. 26, 2018
Aug. 23, 2018 Aug. 24, 2018
Sep. 22, 2018 - AM Sep. 22, 2018 - PM
Oct. 20, 2018 - AM Oct. 20, 2018 - PM

***NOTE: The 2018 season has come to an end. Please check back in the spring to see the calendar of events for the 2019 season of Teen Street Skills! You may also sign up for our mailing list to be the first to hear about next year's programs and other Buhl Sport news!***

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the Teen Street Skills event location?

The Teen Street Skills proving ground is located directly adjacent Michigan Central Depot, aka, the "old train station". The physical address is 2240 17th St., Detroit, MI 48216 and the entrance will be clearly marked with Teen Street Skills flags and banners.

How long does the Teen Street Skills program last?

The Teen Street Skills program typically consists of two independent sessions in the morning and afternoon. Participants select one of the sessions, which lasts for approximately 3 1/2 hours, broken down into modules including Skid Control, Emergency Braking, and others.

What happens if it is raining on the day of the event?

Teen Street Skills runs rain or shine. Inclement weather often contributes to traffic incidents so practice should not be limited to just warm, sunny days!

What should I wear to a Teen Street Skills event?

Please wear comfortable clothes for the event, as you will be getting in and out of cars throughout the program and walking to the different exercises. Dress appropriately for the weather/temperature.

My parent(s)/guardian(s) want to come along...can I bring them?

Yes, you can absolutely bring your parents. In fact, it is encouraged that parents attend, as there are great learning experiences for teens and adults, alike.

Are food and/or drinks provided?

We provide coolers filled with bottled water.

If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!